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adeline and the mermaids tail cover

We are excited to announce the release of Adeline and the Mermaid’s Tail, which is the third book in the Adeline’s Magical Moments Collection.  The book tells the story of what happens when Adeline and her cousin, Grace, try out a spell to become mermaids and it actually works!  Follow along as Grace sprouts a tail during swim team practice and the girls try out their new powers in the waters of Lake Tahoe, where they meet the infamous Tahoe Tessie.  This book is a must have for any girl that dreams of becoming a mermaid.  Buy a hard copy now!  Click here to read it on Amazon Kindle.

About the Series: 

Adeline is a seven year old girl who believes in magic. The Adeline’s Magical Moments Collection documents Adeline’s chance encounters with magical beings, including a leprechaun, the tooth fairy and mermaids. In each story, Adeline learns that the magical beings are a lot like people – they are sassy, grumpy, busy and funny. She learns that they have very human emotions, like fear, love and frustration. Adeline finds that unexpected things happen when you meet magical beings in the real world, and that sometimes the real world isn’t a safe place for the magical creatures.

louie kindleThe first book in this series is Louie the Leprechaun, a story in which Adeline catches a leprechaun in a leprechaun trap.  Follow along as Adeline uses her three wishes and chaos ensues!  It’s the perfect book to read for St. Patrick’s Day.

The second book in the series is Adeline and the Tooth Fairy, which is the perfect book to have on hand when your little one loses a tooth.  Adeline has a chance encounter with the Tooth Fairy, and asks her most burning questions about the magic behind the Tooth Fairy’s work.

This series is written for children from Kindergarten through Grade 3, capturing the tooth fairymagic and imagination of childhood. It is intended to be read to children, and intentionally uses an adult’s conversational vocabulary in order to help build word knowledge and understanding of a story’s plot. Children will laugh out loud and sit on the edge of their seat as they get immersed in Adeline’s world where chance encounters with magic happen.  Louie the Leprechaun and Adeline and the Tooth Fairy are available online.   Click here to buy on Amazon.

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If you would like to purchase the books in another format, please email info@adelinesmagicalmoments.com

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